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1. Get Your Stuff Ready the Night Before. It takes longer to get ready in the morning (i.e., when you’re still half-asleep) than it does to prepare the night before (i.e., when you might be sleepy but haven’t yet reached Zombie mode). 2. Wake up 15-30 Minutes Early. If you followed the first step, you should find yourself with an extra 15-30 minutes every morning, but let’s go ahead and

The first thing to know is that part of your natural tiredness comes from a molecule called adenosine, which is produced by your body while it chugs along through the day. “While you sleep, the concentration of adenosine declines, gradually promoting wakefulness,” the video explains. Meanwhile, the more adenosine that builds up, the sleepier you feel. Your morning coffee is able to hijack that process because caffeine looks a lot

3 Most Important Tasks. Writing down and making mental note of my top 3 tasks to get done for the day. Everything else seems to fall into place if I do that. An easy and workable task list, or to do list. While I love all of these handy web 2.0 apps, computer software, very neat gadgets like palms and really cool cell phones, they just don’t work for me.

For IPhone: Wake Alarm Clock Features Three alarm styles: slap and flip, shake, and swipe Simple interface for setting alarms quickly iTunes support for waking up to music 12 built-in alarm sounds with additional sounds available via in-app purchase Recurring alarms Progressive alarms that get louder gradually Siri support to set the alarm by voice Free, ad-supported version if you don’t want to pay   For Android: Gentle Alarm Features

1. Entrance: The entrance should be free from obstructions. A great entrance way provides an immediate view of something inspiring like artwork or a great view. Claudat also suggests essential oils. It is great to greet people with a sensory experience when they enter your space. 2. Desk: The ideal placement for your desk is facing the door. If this is not an option, a well-placed mirror that gives a

Glen Coven Mansion! The Hamptons!   Long Beach!    

1. Doctors And Surgeons Annual mean wage: $234,950 Training time: 11+ years If you’ve got the time and budget to endure medical school in some form, you’ll be able to hear cash register sounds in your ears when you receive your first paycheck. Of all the medical professionals, anesthesiologists take home the most coin, with an annual mean wage of $246,320. Other medicine men and women aren’t far behind —

1. Food preparation and serving workers, including fast food Alas, this job category has the not-so-great distinction of being the lowest-wage gig in the country, bringing in a measly $8.71 an hour, or $18,000 annually. Most of these jobs require minimal education and many are part time. 2. Dishwashers The state with the most dishwashers is Florida, with 42,000. That state also pays among the lowest hourly wage for the

1. Establish a replenishing inner “state of home.” Some people spend years in an office cubicle without ever feeling the energetic involvement of real work; others do brilliant, inspired work without ever leaving their bed. This is because both work and home are first and foremost states of mind. So to begin separating your work life and home life, we’ll concentrate on creating a mental “state of home” inside your

Think that no one can beat the nation’s big discounters like Wal-Mart, Target and Costco for the best prices on paper products? Think again. If you shop the sales at grocery stores, you’ll typically get a better deal.  So here’s the “aha” moment: While the mass merchants will usually offer prices of about 8% to 10% less than supermarkets on a daily basis, national grocers such as Safeway, Kroger and